Smarter decision-making through data

Real-Time Data, Key Drivers & Valuable Insights at Your Fingertips

At Reomnify, we draw on a vast range of Traditional and Non-Traditional Data to create the most comprehensive Real Estate data lake. On top of this, our leading data scientists have built unique learning algorithms to extract key drivers and insights to offer you unique intelligence and true competitive advantage.

38% of Technology Innovations in Real Estate will be driven by data analytics & AI - KPMG

60% of Real Estate Value predictive power can be derived from Non-Traditional data - McKinsey


What we do

We offer real estate Investors, Tenants, Advisors & Innovators a platform that enables

more informed decision-making, enhanced visibility and improved ROI's

with the help of intelligent insights on key factors affecting their specific markets.

Location Analytics
Investment Intelligence
Personalized Insights

Our Core Values

Customer Centricity

Customers are at the centre of whatever we do. Our work is driven by customer need, feedback, service & validation.


We are deeply passionate about our work, and will ALWAYS go the extra mile to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Data Driven

We enable our customer to make data-driven decisions, and that is how run our own business also.

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