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Data Differentiation

If data is the new oil,

Differential Data

is the new rocket fuel.

"In God, we trust. All others must bring data."

- W. Edwards Deming

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What is Reomnify?

REOMNIFY is a data platform, providing high quality curated  datasets across multiple verticals.

Trusted by leading organizations & platforms globally, we can cater to any custom data harnessing requirements, using our global and highly scalable platform.

A few words from our clients...

REOMNIFY platform generates Australia’s most up-to-date  shopping centre tenant dataset, which, when combined with GapMaps proprietary datasets,  allows us to build dynamic benchmarks and tools for the shopping centre sector.

James Turnbull

Head of GapAdvisory, GapMaps

“REOMNIFY has created unique new insights for our customers, allowing us to meet their growing needs for sustainable,

healthy living”

Product Manager, PropertyGuru

“The REOMNIFY platform has been really flexible in providing us POI’s on demand for very niche categories“

Location Intel. Advisor  Corelogic


A Different Approach

Data collection presents numerous challenges. Businesses can overcome these obstacles through a combination of technological investment, strategic planning, and a commitment to ethical and responsible data practices. It's essential to view data collection as an ongoing process that requires continuous improvement and adaptation to ever-changing technological and regulatory landscapes.


The fragmentation of data across thousands of sources is a common challenge in today's data landscape. 


A lack of uniformity in data formats can hinder the seamless integration and analysis of information from diverse sources.


Our goal is to democratize  data through intelligent & cost effective data harnessing.

How we do it?


REOMNIFY is a Data Platform that turns unstructured data from fragmented sources into clean, usable datasets at scale.


● Unstructured data
● Fragmented signals
● Disparate sources

● Clean datasets
● Standardized data
● Inferential data


Reomnify                 Platform


Reomnify over the years

#3 JLL

MIPIM Global

Top 25 global

JLL PropTech

2020 Brigade

DBS Fintech

How to trial?


We run heavily discounted trials for customisation & fit analysis. We strongly believe in demonstrating the value we add before clients commit to working with us.


Once we are confident on the delivery of customizations and the value of the data to our clients, we invite them to subscribe for monthly, quarterly or annual plans.


We have dedicated data analysts working closely with our subscribers to gather their feedback and make relevant product changes.

Trial our datasets now

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